Purchase Agreement and Fraud Prevention Statement

Please take a moment to read this full statement before proceeding. All policies in this statement will be enforced 100%. By purchasing our Trade-line Program you agree and understand the following statement:

Automatic Order Cancellation:

We have the right to cancel your order and decline delivery if any of the following is true:

  • Customer IP does not match credit or debit card issuing location
  • Customer deemed to be a fraud liability (Automatically Detected)
  • Customer misrepresents their information at checkout
  • Customer is blacklisted by merchant for excessive charge backs

Charge backs:

By purchasing from you agree to the following:

  • Customer agrees to not file a charge back. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee.
  • If you open a charge back before contacting us our partner gumroad will automatically submit the following information to your bank or card issuer:
  1. Proof Of Purchase
  2. IP Address
  3. Time of Purchase
  4. Number of times product downloaded

If you file a charge back we can no longer help you. Our partner Amazon will automatically take over to resolve the claim and all future purchases will be blocked not only on but also on another 80,000+ sites associated with our banking partner and the Amazon marketplace.


We will issue a refund to you upon receipt of your request. Simply visit and fill the form. Your refund will be issued immediately.

PLEASE NOTE: Charge Back Fraud is a CRIME. We will report all instances to our banking partner, fulfillment center and your local police department.

By consenting and moving forward you also understand that does not provide Trade-lines, Authorized users or Credit Repair services under any circumstance. We provide you with our Trade-line Program which will show you step by step how to purchase and transfer real primary accounts through debt reassignment. If you do not agree to this please leave this website immediately.


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