Trade-line Program FAQ

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We understand that our trade-line program offers many different methods. Most people are not sure which one is best for them. When it comes to trade-lines, the more the better. So the only real question is how many trade-lines can you afford? and How much time do you have to wait on posting?

Most Common Questions

The number one most asked question is not about the product itself. It’s about not receiving your order email after your purchase. We made a full section on Delayed Delivery and Fixes >Click Here<

Other common questions

Q: How many trade-lines do i actually need?
The more the better. The minimum is 30% Of open accounts or 100% closed of whatever amount you want to borrow.

Q: How do I find a debt seller for method 4?
Most people who struggle with this part of method 4 are simply not asking the right questions. You call to buy debt, not trade-lines. These companies are not in the business of selling trade-lines.

Q: How long will it take for the accounts created with method 3 to show on my report?
This ultimately depends on the bank you are dealing with. You can expect to see the most results right around the 30 day mark. We have seen lines with this method post the next day.

Q: CPN Numbers and Trade-lines
Not all Trade-line methods work with CPN numbers. Please refer to the program for more information or use our contact page to reach out to us.

Q: How long will these lines stay on my credit?
The 6 methods in section 2 of the program will create lifetime accounts. These report for as long as permitted by federal law. 7 full years from creation of the line.

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