Trade-line Program FAQ

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The number one question we receive is: How long does the process take? That is really hard to answer. This program offers you many different methods to add trade-lines to your credit reports. Each method has a different time frame. Most trade-lines post to your report from 10-30 days after you complete the process. Some methods take a bit longer up to 60 days. It all depends on what you choose to do.

Other Common Questions

Q: How does this process work?
A: It’s simple we offer you 7 different methods of adding trade-lines to any cpn or credit report. All you have to do is follow the detailed instruction in the program for the method you decide to use. If there are any forms to be files templates will be included. Is

Q: Is there other costs involved?
A: There are other fees involved. Trade-lines cost money, bottom line. You may need to pay filing fees, account purchase fees, transfer fees and postage depending on the method you choose to use. Make sure you have a minimum of $300 disposable before you purchase this program.

Q: What exactly is inside the Trade-line program?
A: The program includes 2 sections and 7 methods in total for your convenience.

Section 1. Authorized Users

In this section you will learn about authorized user accounts. These accounts are great for giving a quick boost to your credit score overall. They take little time to post and can be used on any credit file you wish. These are costly but, maybe worth it depending your situation.

Section 2. Primary Trade-lines

Primary trade-lines can be divided into 5 parts. Rental Trade-lines, 3rd Party Furnisher Via Accounts, Primary Card Deposit Trade-lines, Debt Instrument Conversions, UCC1, and 3rd Party Furnisher Via Purchase. Each one works differently and give you a different result. We will teach you how to do each one below. These accounts have 1 thing in common, they are permanent and not shared.

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